• Vriesenhof Unwooded Chardonnay 2017

    This is a wine style that highlights the playfulness of Chardonnay. The wine is light and refreshing and bursting with fruit. This is a delicate wine and a true expression of its place.

    Look out for: Citrus, gooseberries, pear and peach.

  • Vriesenhof Wooded Chardonnay 2015

    Aromas of dried pear and peach with a hint of vanilla on the nose with green apple and gooseberries on the palate and a lingering minerality.

    Nose: Almond
    Palate: Subtle peach and pear
    with a lingering minerality.
    Can age up to: 10 years

  • Vriesenhof Pinotage 2016

    Bright fruit with aromas of blueberries and raspberries on the nose. There is a delicate flavour of fresh red fruit and cherries on the palate and floral hints on the finish.

    Look out for: Berries, cherries and red fruit with a floral finish.

  • Vriesenhof Pinot Noir 2015

    Smooth and elegant with good minerality. A complex bouquet of raspberries, strawberries and apricot on the palate with dried peach on the finish.

    Nose: Hints of strawberry and forests.
    Palate: Lush fruits and a subtle minerality.
    Can age up to: 10 years

  • Vriesenhof Kallista 2013

    Tasting notes: A shift toward approachability, with rich fruit and soft tannins. The wine shows aromas of red fruit with a hint of apricot and smoky finish. Pepper and pencil lead fill out the mid palate.

    Nose: Rich fruit.
    Palate: Red fruit and pepper with a smoky finish.
    Can age up to: 7 years.

  • Vriesenhof Grenache/Shiraz/Mourvedre 2016

    The wine shows rich aromas of strawberries and blueberries with a deeper, dark fruit component on the mid-palate, with cherries and white pepper on the finish.

    Look out for: Dark cherries, raspberries, white pepper and hints of cocoa.

  • Vriesenhof Grenache 2016

    A crystalline bright ruby colour, this wine shines in the glass. The nose is rich and warming with notes of cherry confit, cured meats, strawberry jam and dried cranberries. There is also a complexing earthy,peppery savoury depth counter balancing the lifted jasmine blossom perfume. Fleshy and sweet fruited, a more opulent style with softer, rounder acids and suave creamy powdery tannins. A warmer, riper, dryer vintage executed with class and flair.

    Nose: Berry confit, strawberry jam and dried cranberries.
    Palate: Opulent with fleshy and sweet fruit.
    Can age up to: 7 years.