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Pruning the Vine

Pruning the Vine

Winter is a rewarding and important time here on the farm as our workers begin the pre-pruning stage of our vines. This is when they cut the long canes from the previous season down to the level of the first cordon wire. The pre-pruning also means that there are no hassles with long canes and the next step in the cultivation process will go much quicker.

Marking the end one season and the beginning of another, pruning has a big impact on the next vintage and harvest production, as the timing of the pruning will determine the time of budding as well as  the harvest dates for our next vintage.

 In the cellar our workers are finishing with the last of the barrel stacks for the rack and return stage where we adjust the SO2levels and clean the barrels. This process usually happens every 6 months.

As our winemaker takes a much needed break, he returns in a couple of weeks to start the bottling process of our new vintages which we will launch to retail in October.