Vriesenhof Chardonnay

Aromas of lemon and lime with some dried pear. A beautiful creaminess with sweet brioche and almond with lingering green apple and citrus on the aftertaste.


Vriesenhof Grenache

Beautiful fruitful aromas of raspberry and blackberry with an undercurrent of oak.  Rich flavours of raspberry, strawberry and vanilla are overlaid with cinnamon and white pepper on the mid palate with a finish of smoky leather and dried peach.


Vriesenhof Pinot Noir

Beautiful aromas of red cherries, plum and peach with a hint of cinnamon. Wonderful earthen tones, minerality with dried apricot and cherries. The wine can be enjoyed with meat dishes like lamb or venison or fish like tuna or Norwegian salmon.  The best temperature to serve the wine is between 12 and 14 º C.


Vriesenhof Pinotage

A heavier aroma of black cherries and chocolate with a hint of spice. The palate shows beautiful aromas of sour cherries and raspberries with a slight savoury note.

Vriesenhof Kallista

KALLISTA – “To Kalon Kai Agathon”, derived from Plato’s statement that in life one should look for “the good & the beautiful/noble”, is the Greek name chosen for the flagship blend in the Vriesenhof range of wines from Vriesenhof Vineyards, in Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch. 

Vriesenhof Cabernet Sauvignon

Only available in magnum, the Vriesenhof Cabernet Sauvignon has beautiful aromas of leather and pencil shavings with a smoky undertone. The palate has wonderful flavours of red berries and apricot, blending well with the fuller aromas of leather and black pepper with a lingering tealeaf on the aftertaste.


Paradyskloof Unwooded Chardonnay

Fresh citrus notes with some green apple on the nose. Crisp acidity with a hint of vanilla and pear on the palate.

Paradyskloof Pinot Noir

Bright fruit with hints of earthiness, smooth and creamy mouthfeel with a lingering aftertaste of apricot. It should be enjoyed with mild cheeses, duck, venison and salmon.  The wine is best served at around 12 to 13 degrees Celsius.


Paradyskloof Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Refreshing and zesty with wonderful aromas of gooseberries and quince on the palate.

Paradyskloof Grenache Rose 2016

Crisp and refreshing with wonderful aromas of grapefruit and raspberries with a lingering aftertaste of cherries.

Paradyskloof Red Blend 2015

A light easy drinking red wine with aromas of blue berries, raspberries and cherries on the palate and a wonderful lingering aroma of white pepper on the aftertaste.



Paradyskloof Grenaché Rose

Made from Grenache grapes. Lovely aromas of grapefruit and lemon on the nose with raspberries and strawberry on the palate with a smooth lean minerality.

Paradyskloof Pinot Noir Blend

A medium-bodied wine with wonderful aromas of strawberries and raspberries with a hint of apricot. The palate has a good structure with a hint of minerality. 

Paradyskloof Pinotage

A slightly heavier palate with dark chocolate and cherries, with a slight earthiness on the finish.  Medium bodied in style, it has great texture and mouth feel and a long finish.


Paradyskloof Grenache

The wine has a wonderful aroma of cherries and raspberries with a wisp of rose geranium.  Beautiful strawberries and dried peach with leather and white pepper on the palate. Medium bodied in style, it has great texture and mouth feel and a long finish.

Paradyskloof Cabernet Sauvignon

Bright red fruit aromas with lively cherries and blackberries on the palate. A hint of leather and lead pencil finishing on the aftertaste.